Our first setback

On August 25, 2015 (this past Tuesday AKA my sons 11th birthday) we had to leave Maine to come back to Massachusetts. Our house is not finished but school was starting the next day and no way was I going to be able to commute 2+ hours to drive my kids to and from school nor did it make sense to register them for school in Maine for a month. So, on Tuesday, we moved in with my husbands uncle (a single man with a ginormous house and is never home to enjoy it) (omg I can’t believe ginormous is actually a word!) who lives in the same city we do and in the same school district so that my kids can still take the bus. Even better my husband can sleep here with us when he’s done working and working on the house instead of sleeping in the tent in the back yard like he has been all summer. 

Anyway, Wednesday I get my kids off to school then take the baby and set about finding a job which had to start with me going and filling out a form to apply for child care vouchers. Our piddly income qualifies us but there is at LEAST a 12 month waiting list! (HOLY CRAP!). Something I didn’t foresee but given the state of our government and such I probably should have. So what do we do. Well, instead of me being able to work when my older 2 are in school I will now have to trade with my husband (after he’s finished fixing our lead shed (our not so affectionate pet name for our house) because he still has to work his day job and works on the house at night and every weekend like he has been since we left in June. I will have to find a job where I can work evenings (NOT overnights, I still have to be up at 5:30 am to get my older kids off to school and take care of the baby all day. So looking for hours 5-11 pm it is (still past my bed time, but it’s only temporary and will be so worth it when we’ve accomplished our goal). 

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