The Plan (or more accurately “the timeline” This is not my house plan,but rather my plan for how I’m going to accomplish my goal and when)

So here it is.. My plans.. Yes I have more than 1. Always good to have a backup plan or 3 right? Honestly I’m having some trouble figuring out a plan that will work with minimal chance for hiccups, please everybody AND have us comfy cozy by Nov 2016. My goal for this post is to simply get all my options down and hopefully something will click or perhaps someone will find this post and bless me with a comment containing something I’ve missed or a possible solution. We shall see!

Me and the children are currently still living in Maine as our “big house” is not yet approved for habitation from the lead contamination. My husband is still living in a tent in the backyard of our “big house” 2 states away. School starts August 26 for my 2 older children so we MUST be back in Massachusetts by our sons 11th birthday (the day before).

No matter what our plan it is going to take some sacrifice on all of our parts to make it work:


I was visiting with a neighbor last week while waiting for it to be time to pick my kids up from dance camp and she told me that because of our current situation I would qualify for assistance with paying for daycare for my youngest so I could find a job (remember those sacrifices I mentioned earlier?). I have been a mother for almost 11 years and never have I put one of my children in daycare and it scares me to death!

It has never been easy for me to find a job. I’ve been out of the workforce for far too long and it seriously counts against me. I’ve tried looking off and on for about 5 years and I’ve never even gotten an interview. This time has to be different!


 Step 1: Go to the appropriate office the day we get back and fill out daycare assistance application with the help of my neighbor (she works for social services and knows how it works and offered to help me fill it out.

Step 2: Once I get approved (I’m thinking positive here because otherwise I cannot get a job as daycare would cost more than I would be making in a week thus making it pointless) FIND A JOB. 

I’ll be looking for a retail type job. It gets kind of tricky because I still need to get my older kids on the bus in the morning and be home when they get home so my only available hours would be 8:30-2:30 Monday – Friday. I plan to ask for $10-$15 per hour and at that rate I would need to have a schedule that is basically those hours I’m available so as to take home $300 or slightly more per week.

I’m hoping all goes well and I (for once) find a job fairly quickly. I’m a hard worker but the whole being out of the workforce for more than 11 years seriously limits those willing to give a mom a chance.

Now, lets assume I get a job and I manage to get 30 hours per week and bring home $300 per week. If I work the months of October, November and December I could have $3900 by Christmas.

It would help, if my husband was agreeable, to put aside some of the money we hope to receive from our 2014 tax returns that we have not yet received since some jerk pretended to be us and filed our taxes before we could and ran off with the money. Even $1000 of that money would bring us up to $4900.

For $4000 we can find a decent travel trailer. We purchase the travel trailer. This will be our home while we build our tiny home up in maine. Plan B will deviate here cutting out the need for the camper, but as I’m doing research it could cost even more.

In Plan B we ditch the camper and ask a friend of ours if he would allow us to build our tiny home on his property. When its complete we would then have to pay to have it hauled as a wide load requiring special permits and I’m told it’s expensive (Close to $8,000 or more). However this would give us the most building time to be settled in before the start of the 2016/17 school year.

Another 13 weeks brings us to the beginning of April. I should have managed another $3900 and (husband willing) We should have our 2015 tax returns back with no problems giving us approximately $12,000 total. We would like at least 5 acres of land and I’m allotting approximately $10,000 for the purchase of land. (There is a really nice lot right now in Palmyra, ME that has been calling to me but doubt it will be available come spring). We purchase the land (having spoken with a qualified realtor so as to be sure there will be no zoning or size issues or any other problems with building a tiny home on the property. so that it is paid for and ready for our tiny home or camper. So far we have taken no loans and paid cash for everything so no new debt.

At this point we have a few options. It is April 2016, we put our house on the market and hope for a miracle that it sells quick and for at LEAST what we owe, then we take our camper to our land, find new jobs (Something we will have already been working on and could potentially have set up before we leave, though it may take a trip or 2 up there before hand to acquire) and start building our dream tiny home.

This plan allows for us to be there in early april giving me PLENTY of time to plan and plant a nice garden to feed my family in the summer and through the next winter. It DOES, however, raise a problem. Taking the kids out of school mid year and transferring them (not the end of the world) my bigger concern is their dance team. My kids are passionate dancers and LOVE being on the competition team and look forward to performances and their end of the year recital in June…

We COULD wait until the end of the school year (more of a possibility if we are able to build down here on our friends property) Waiting until June and moving up there with our camper raises the problem of not having enough time to build our home before cold weather sets in if we deem building on our friends property not a viable option AND too late for a decent garden meaning having to buy the food I would have grown at the store and no canned or frozen food stocked up for winter, again, necessitating the purchase of more food than otherwise would have been necessary.

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