Meet the Animals


We can’t forget about our furry and feathered friends!

Say Hello to Bay:

Bay is our crazy and loving 3 year old lab/hound mix. We adopted her (or rather she adopted us) from the Sterling Animal Shelter in December of 2012 when she was just 10 weeks old. She came up with her litter mates from a high kill shelter in Tennessee. I was a volunteer there at the time and I instantly fell in love with the whole litter. They were all so calm, not scared or shy, but they didn’t jump at the fences like many of the dogs you see in shelters. I walked into their cages after they had been taken in and bathed, sat down on the floor and they all instantly all found a spot on the floor around me and snuggled up. The next day, we took Bay home. She is our love and I call her my true 3rd born. She loves people and other dogs. She only barks when daddy comes home or when she thinks daddy is home, sometimes she gets it wrong.
Gypsy the Queen of the Neighborhood

Gypsy runs the neighborhood. She loves to visit the neighbors and collect food. One neighbor in particular is quite fond of her despite the fact that she lets him know her displeasure if he dares feed or pet another cat before her! Even the dog know’s she’s the boss. The only ones that outrank her are the chickens. They taught her the first summer not to mess with them, after all, there’s more of them than her.. But don’t let the spats between her and Bay fool you, they like to snuggle when they think no one is looking..
Meet the Chickens
We currently have 11 hens in our flock. This summer a predator broke into our coop and took 3 of them (Our most snuggly black Cochin, Gretchen, another Silkie from my aunt, Mr’s Kravitz and . This fall a raccoon got in before we shut the coop for the night and got our beloved white Cochin, Potato. We also lost our only new chicken from last year when it was discovered she was in fact a he and needed to be rehomed as we are not allowed roosters in our city. 


My name is Watermelon. I am a 5 year old Ameraucana. I love to peck the ground and snuggle in the soft dirt under the rabbit hutch.


This is Thunder one of (2) 5 year old Anconas. You can tell her from her sister because she has less white on her.

Here is Thunder with her sister Lightning. Lightning likes to roost in high places. If you sit still long enough, she will find a nice spot on your head.


Meet Sparkles. She is a 3 year old red Sexlink. She is very outgoing and is always the first to eat mealworms right out of your hand.

This is Eagle. Our other 5 year old Americauna. She also eats easily out of your hand, especially if you have mealworms!


This is our Silkie, Tabitha. We’re not quite sure how old she is. She came from a family member with 4 other hens. She is the only one left from that flock. We’ve had her about 4 or 5 years.  She is also our smallest hen and she lays small white eggs.


Meet Princess. She is one of 3 black Jersey Giants we started with 5 years ago. Our local pizza guy wanted some chickens to start with so we agreed to sell him one of them with a warning that she would be unhappy all alone. Before the week was up, he took one of her sisters too so she would have company. THis is not the best photo of her, she was molting at the time so was a bit naked before the cooler weather hit.


I couldn’t resist showing you a photo of our handsome rooster, Popcorn. We had no idea until he started crowing. Looking back he was very protective of the girls. Never aggressive, but he would always roost up high and watch over the girls when I came in the coop to give them a treat. We found him a good home with other animals the very next town over and we hope he is happy there.

Say Hello to Our 3 Bunnies
At 1 point we had as many as 35. That was not intentional nor due to any fault of our own. The bunnies started as my older 2,Caleb and Abigail’s 4-H project. We had decided to breed a littler of American Fuzzy Lops. Not long after we bred, we received a call from someone desperate to rehome her 4 bunnies as it turned out her daughter was highly allergic. She told me that they had been sharing a cage but had been separated for over a month for fighting. Well, She brought over 3 of them: 2 does and a buck and We put them in our spacious hutches. About a week later we had to bring the does in as they were pulling fur and nesting… Within a few days of each other our American Fuzzy Lop and the 2 foster does gave birth to litters of 7, 5 & 5.. Add that to all of our Holland Lops, Mini lops, French Lops and American Fuzzy Lops (we like floppy ears) and 1 Netherland Dwarf, we had a lot of bunnies.
Meet Buster. He is a handsome Ruby Eyed White (REW) Netherland Dwarf buck.
Snowball is the bunny that started it all! He is our 5 year old frosted pearl Holland Lop Buck. He loves attention and hopping around in the yard in his protective fence. He was a special gift from Santa for Abigail when she was 3.
Marshmallow is our beautiful Blue Eyed White (BEW) Mini Lop doe. A big, snuggly puddle of fur. Marshmallow lives up to her name.