Meet the Dad

Hello out there, I am Dad, I work in the Heating an Air Conditioning Trade, I enjoy working with my hands on all kinds of projects, My wife is good at keeping me busy on her projects as well, her list is as long as mine…. Most of all I enjoy the family time I get with my kids, my two oldest enjoy dancing an i love watching them practice an perform on stage brings great joy to me, And Emma, cant get enough of her she will surprise you every day with something new she has learned. Can’t wait till she get to start dance. I think the home school concept we are going to explore is a great way to teach children in real life experiences that they wont get at a public school, an get to spend more time with the family, which in my opinion life is about family an your experiences on this journey not just studying for a test.Always remember to look back over your shoulder an see where you have been cause  life is a great adventure soak it up as much as you can, Smile an laugh every day!!