Meet Emily

While Emily is incredibly smart for her age, I thought asking her at 2 years old, to write her own post might be pushing it a bit.
Emily is our youngest child. She is super smart and a little ball of energy.
Unlike her older brother and sister, Emily was born at home in a pool of warm water. An amazing experience. 3 wonderful midwives and my husband, cousin as my amazing doula, and yes, the dog by my side. Caleb and Abigail were able to meet her just minutes after her arrival into this world. We made this decision after 2 stressful and negative hospital experiences with our first 2 and were so happy we did.
 At 16 months old Emily was diagnosed with lead poisoning and a severe peanut allergy. With 1 phone call our already shaky world was turned completely upside down.
We are still in the discovery stages of the effects the lead has had on her as well as any effects the recent discovery of mold toxicity. She is the only one in our family with food allergies and has developed viral induced asthma. All of which can be an effect of these toxins.
Emily loves to help with feeding all of our animals. She loves to give the dog and cat their food each morning, help her sister feed the rabbits (her favorite part is scooping the food into the bowl) and watching the chickens peck at their favorite treat, mealworms. She loves to sing songs, build towers out of blocks and “cook”in her play kitchen.
Emily has tons of energy and keeps us all on our toes. She is also incredibly sweet and loving and badly wants to be one of the big kids.
  Emily’s favorite shows are Super Why, Daniel Tiger and Handy Manny which she has no problem finding on her tablet on Netflix all by herself. Mostly she likes to be out and about anywhere she can run free!